Rita Ora on postal stamps of Kosovo

The Post of Kosovo said our world-famous singer, Rita Ora, has become part of the treasury of postal stamps of the Philately of the Post of Kosovo.

An announcement states that the stamp with her image will be issued in postal circulation on Saturday, November 26, on a special day for the great Albanian and British artist, precisely on her birthday.

“For more than ten years at the top of the international music and artistic scene, she used every opportunity to promote her country of birth, Kosovo, as well as the entire Albanian nation through her fame. She was the first inspiration for young men and women to follow and make their dreams come true even beyond the borders of the Albanian lands”, the announcement states.

On the occasion of the launch of this postage stamp, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kosovo Post, Fakete Kadiu, expressed gratitude to Rita Ora.

“It is an honor for the Kosovo Post to honor Rita Ora. She has given us so many beautiful moments and endless pride with songs, performances, and magnificent concerts. Let this beautiful stamp also be a symbolic gift of Kosovo to our singer, on this special day for him, for his extraordinary contribution to the country and our nation”, said Chief Kadiu, according to the media release.

During her sensational career, Rita Ora was awarded and honored with prestigious awards in the international arena as well as in Kosovo and Albania. She deservedly holds the title of Honorary Ambassador of the State of Kosovo since 2015. With her cultural diplomacy, she contributes to the image of all Albanians.

“The philately of the Kosovo Post has honored and promoted outstanding personalities of our culture for over twenty years, and I will do this in the future as well,” concludes the media release.

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