Kurti: For two years, KSF with 1,240 new soldiers and 612 reserves

At the “Adem Jashari” barracks in Pristina, the graduation ceremony of 15 cadets of the class of 2023 was held. In addition to the senior leaders of the KSF and the Ministry of Defense, Prime Minister Albin Kurti also participated.

Kurti said that each new generation testifies to the will to build the defense system.

Recalling that the foundations of the KSF are based on the effort and sacrifice of the KLA, the help for liberation from NATO, and its construction was and is being done with the support of various Western allies countries.

Prime Minister said that the KSF is open for every girl and young man, up to the age of 25.

“We have established cooperation with the United Kingdom, Albania, Latvia. From today, in addition to the rank of officer, you will have the protection of citizens and sovereignty on your shoulders,” he said.

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