EU measures towards Kosovo, experts: Damage will be huge

Measures announced by the EU and that have begun to be implemented in the form of sanctions against Kosovo are the worst thing that could have happened to the country.

Speaking to Radio Kosova, the economic expert Safet Gërxhaliu says that the country is at a very critical point, and in reality, it will be very difficult to recover from in the future.

“In the political aspect, there will be oppression in the perspective, while in the economic aspect, there will be very big damages, in the integrative aspect, a slowdown or return to the zero point, in the social aspect, it will be really sad, and this is the biggest victory the enemies of Kosovo were able to reach. The fact that we have a suspension of some funds, means that we are paralyzed in the agreement on stabilization of association, and many projects are overlooked, which is the biggest damage that has been done to Kosovo”, says Gërxhaliu.

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