EU measures, Kurti: The EU finds its partner and ally in Kosovo

YKosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, at the Government meeting said that the European Commission presented yesterday to the European Parliament a list of measures against Kosovo, however, Kurti says, EU’s most sincere and stable ally and partner in the region, is Kosovo.

“The European Union finds in Kosovo its most sincere and stable partner and ally in the region,  of European values, democratic principles and long-term interests. Kosovo has such a Government. People are like that. First the people and then the Government”, said Kurti.

He said that at times , they have been critical of the European Union, but never cynical or bitter.

“We are not even today. When we submitted our application for membership in December of last year, we did it , believing that we deserve to be part of this Union in the foreseeable future, because we believe in this Union. We have the same faith even today”, said Kurti.

He said that the last report for our country, drawn up precisely by the European Commission, describes and evaluates Kosovo in the most positive light ever; as in the fight against crime and corruption, as in democratization, as in economic development, as well as in the advancement of the legal framework in accordance with the Acquis of the European Union.

“There we find the true shadow of the European Union; as a supranational, fair and meritocratic organization. And despite the circumstantial developments, we appreciate the support and assistance of the European Union throughout all these years, and we look forward to the membership questionnaire; because Europe is our continent. The European Union is our destiny”, said Kurti.

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