Abdixhiku: Internationally, Kosovo has never been worse

The chairman of the LDK, Lumir Abdixhiku, said that, in the coming days , he will present the plan of his party, as he said, overcoming the isolation and crisis. At the same time, he criticized the approach of Prime Minister , Albin Kurti, as he emphasized that Kosovo has never been worse internationally.

“Albin Kurti cannot make Kosovo a European state. His ideological group from Tirana, the paid analysts and the state media , are on their ultimate mission of the final crash of the state. In sync, the first one sends us towards the collision, the second ones make this madness look beautiful”, Abdixhiku wrote on Facebook.

“Kosovo has never been worse internationally than today. Serbia has never had more international support than today. They are winning. We are losing. Their cause of territorial autonomy in Kosovo is taking shape as we are satisfied with our right in the face of the whole world”, added the head of the LDK.

Abdixhiku said that,  in the coming days, he will invite representatives of civil society, academia, the private sector, expatriates, media and opinion leaders, political parties, Albanians in the region and friends of Kosovo around the world to build what he called ‘the true way out”. 

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